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My Family Snail Food proudly distributed by Helix SA Snail Farm

Helix SA is the proud distributor of My Family snail food, that has been designed to include 100% of the nutrients that you snails need – from babies, juveniles to breeders. Our food is completely natural, and includes all the Vitamins, Minerals, Micro minerals, and trace elements specially developed for snails by Nutrition Hub – leading manufacturer of food for the Abalone farming Industry.

No additional fresh feed necessary.

We are currently the leading supplier to most of the BIG Commercial snail farms in SA. Even as far as CT.
Just a few of our happy customers


CSC Heliculture  - Christiaan

We only use the snail food supplied by Helix SA. The food is premium quality and we have been seeing the results due to the quality.

We use the feed for our breeders and babies and the results are through the roof. We will recommend Helix SA’s snail food for the serious farmer.

Master Snails – Pierre

I would like to take the opportunity to share with old and new farmers the top-quality feed received from Helix SA. Through trial and error, Annie has taken every opportunity to learn, and the food produced has improved year by year. No food goes to waste, as the snails consume all the food. Quality and size of the snails improve month to month.

Cape Escargot Maureen

We at Cape Escargots find Annie’s snail food superb.  The fine texture ensures super absorption and no waste.  As a result, we use less food.  The nutritional value of the food is highly commendable, with all the essential nutrients and vitamins added in correct proportions.  

The Cape Escargot snails absolutely love the food.  They perform very well in terms of egg production and surpass our expectations.  
It is a pleasure to endorse Annie’s superb food.

Cape Escargots Directors



Endorsed by the Heliculture Farmers Association of South Africa


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Annie: 082 942 7461 l Email: info@helixsasnailfarm.co.za l FB: Helix SA Snail Farm