Helix Sa

Helix Smart Control Automated watering system

When investing thousands of Rands to start your snail farm, buying Imported breeders and food it is of vital importance to always control your temperature and humidity is.
With cloud storage/traceability you will always be in the know

Helix Smart Control viewed/controlled from your cell phone from anywhere in the world with GSM reception
Helix Smart control sensors measures Temperature, Humidity with cloud storage
Helix Smart Control sensor, measures Ambient light (Lights/electricity on/ off)

1 x Helix Smart Control Box assembled
2 x solenoids
1 x sim card (Data usage around R30 per month)

Other services offered
Water storage tank levels, RO System automation HVAC, EVAC Systems or any other AC/DC Systems, all controlled/monitored from your cell phone or PC.


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Annie: 082 942 7461 l Email: info@helixsasnailfarm.co.za l FB: Helix SA Snail Farm


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